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Bob Dylan And The Dead

This album was recorded during the 1987 summer tour with the Dead backing Dylan. These shows consisted of two Dead sets and then a third set of Dylan backed by the Dead. This album was not well received by critics and does not represent a high point in either artists recording career.

Song Location Date
Slow Train Coming Schaefer Stadium, Foxboro, Mass 7/4/87
I Want You Oakland Stadium, Oakland, Ca 7/24/87
Gotta Serve Somebody Stadium, Anaheim, Ca 7/26/87
Queen Jane Approximately Autzen Stadium, Eugene Or 7/19/87
Joey Schaefer Stadium, Foxboro, Mass 7/4/87
All Along The Watchtower Stadium, Anaheim, Ca 7/26/87
Knockin' On Heaven's Door Stadium, Anaheim, Ca 7/26/87

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