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Pain In My Heart

This Rhythm and Blues classic has shown up on early tapes from the 1966 time frame.

More than you ever wanted to know about Pain In My Heart, from the liner notes to "The Otis Redding Story".

Pain In My Heart, credited to Naomi Neville was recorded by Otis Redding on September 23, 1963. Released in October 1963 as a single, Volt 112, and in Febuary 1964 on the Atco LP SD 33-161 entitled "Pain In My Heart".

Original writing credit was "Redding" (the Stones version says Redding/Walden, Walden was Redding's manager). Otis and Stax were sued by Allen Toussaint who, as "Naomi Neville", had written "Ruler Of My Heart" for Irma Thomas. As an out of court settlement, the credit was changed to "Naomi Neville".

Also recorded by the Rolling Stones on "Rolling Stones No 2".

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