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 Albertine Rambler
 Apothecary's Rose (R. gallica officinalis) Gallica
 Aviateur Bleriot Rambler, Wichurana
 Banshee Damask/Damas, Shrub
 Blush Noisette Noisette
 Call Down The Storm Found
 Celsiana Damask
 Champneys' Pink Cluster Noisette
 Cherokee (R. laevigata) Species
 Chestnut Rose (R. roxburghii plena) Species
 Communis (common moss) Moss
 Crimson Glory Hybrid Tea
 Dr W Van Fleet Large-Flowered Climber
 Gardenia Hybrid Wichurana
 Haint House Found, Moss
 Highway 115 Found
 Ispahan Damask
 Kazanlik Damask
 La Marne Polyantha
 Marie Pavier Polyantha
 Mary Wallace Climber
 Mme. Isaac Pereire Bourbon
 Mutabilis China
 New Dawn Rambler
 Old Blush Cl. Cl. China
 Paul Neyron Hybrid Perpetual
 R. moschata plena Species
 R. rugosa rubra Species
 River Run Found
 Rosa's Black Rose Found
 Safrano Tea
 Silver Moon Large-Flowered Climber
 Veilchenblau Hyb. Multiflora

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