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"Too often are we reminded of the mob of Astrologers, Chaldeans and Soothsayers gathered before 'the writing on the wall,' and unable to read the characters or make known the interpretation. We have a right to rejoice when a true seer comes at last, some man in whom is an excellent spirit to whom have been given light, wisdom and understanding; who can accurately read the 'Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin' of an original mind (however unripe, however inefficiently cultured and partially expanded that mind may be) and who can say with confidence, 'This is the interpretation thereof'." - Charlotte Brontė

"It is very torpid after all I can do for it; but it is authentic and indisputable and earnest men may by patience spell out for themselves the lineaments . . .What else is the use?" - Thomas Carlyle

NO - I have no patience.        - I read the above quotations.