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I have attempted to obtain permission, whenever my use of quotations has exceeded what might be interpreted as "fair use" under copyright law, and most particularly in the use of photographs. Below is acknowledgement of all who so kindly allow me to share their creative work with you via this site and assist me in sharing the Morrisons' labor of love, their Old Roses Garden.

I recommend an Internet visit (at least) to the following: Brentwood Bay Nurseries, Just Rose Pictures, The Roseraie at Bayfields (Closed in 2002 when Lloyd Brace  Retired), Barrie Collins at Timeless Roses,  Lee Sherman at High Desert Rose Garden, Lisa's Rose Garden (Zone 8), Trevor Inkpen at EveryRose.com, and Masamitu Shoojima of RoseGallery by SHO.

Thanks also to Suzanne at "Roses in Paradise" and David & Crenagh Elliott for the graciously allowing me the use of their excellent photographs.

"Thank you" to Brent Dickerson for his "accuracy, fresh research, new information, and unique style". Visit his home page for more information about him and his widely acclaimed books: The Old Rose Advisor, (1992) and The Old Rose Adventurer (1999), both published by Timber Press of Portland, Oregon.

Thanks also to The Texas Rose Rustlers, Charles Walker of the The Heritage Rose Foundation, and Dr. Malcolm Manners.

Thank you all for your kind support! Please contact me should you have any suggestions or comments.

"Copy from one, it's plagiarism; copy from two, it's research."
- Wilson Mizner, 1876-1933 


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