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We do not sell roses, we only collect them. 

You should determine your  FDA Hardiness Zone before you order,  try this page.

Would you like to purchase a certain rose but can't locate a source?

 Try this web site . . . 


  1. Navigate to this website:

  2. Select the rose you are looking for from the list
  3. If there is a Retailer or Wholesaler selling that rose, they will be listed at the top of the detail page just below the name of the rose.
  4. Select from the options presented:
    • Sold By: Nurseries and Suppliers selling this Rose.
    • Retail: Listed by Name | Region.
    • Wholesale: Listed by Name | Region.

Good Luck and thank you for visiting our garden!
- "Rose" and "Bud"

View our listing on "Help Me Find"

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