A Readers Guide To
"little johnnie-isms"


"You still haven't explained to me why I shouldn't argue over a word."

"werdz and frazez" 
(for more insight, go here and select "English as the Official Language")

speaches - a reference to peaches as in: "What's that fruit?" "S'peaches!"

Yeap - very small 4 wheel drive U.S. military vehicle, now discontinued

Stop toting the party line - touting, not carrying - well, maybe

apaling - Appalling

disasterous - disastrous

Tripple college tuition - what happens when illegal immigrants receive in-state tuition

constiutional ammendments - constitutional "additives"

busines - visible wave forms (sine) in bus exhaust

ouzies - Uzis, machine pistols, not weeping sores

incompitent - a little incompetent

incompetant - incompetence contest participant

wiesel - small oil powered rodent

stuf - stuff

alluminum missle cylos - Greek bottle rocket launchers

Amerrican - not quite American, not quite Puerto Rican

Apprently - adjective Etymology: Latin aperient-, aperiens, present participle of aperire: gently moving the bowels

conjeniality - an inborn defect characterized by inopportune laughter

thought Kerry boinged his intern - BOING - cartoon sound associated with a blow to the head, see Lewinsky.

I haven't used a lan line in 2 years - explains why little johnnie is so poorly informed

ya'lls - plural for y'all, a plural form of you, similar to you-uns or youse

Australia, Japan and Polan - Eastern European chain saw manufacturer

Zymbawans - Zimbabweans, residents of Southern African State slightly larger than Montana former known as Rhodesia

grossly uninformed and educted - Presumably refers to book larnin' as in "educated" possibly electronic ducting or kidnapping by aliens over the internet

incumbant - hindered or encumbered by being in the way "cumbered with excess baggage"

incumbancy - early stage of confusion perhaps from Old French combrer to prevent, to clutter up as in "rocks cumbering the head"

illigitimate - really, truly sick, I'm not kidding!

jiberish - erratic jibes or drastic course changes resulting in confusion; characteristic of democrat operatives  

lotery - a large quantity of rye grain

institue of marriage - a dehydrated stew served at Greek weddings

the true opostolic church (Greek Orthodox) - believed to be a religion based around the Opossum

slautering - lingering death

misoginist - someone who mixes fermented soybean paste and gin - then drinks it!

oppresive - opposite of resive

immenent - Rap star, made a movie named "7 Mile"

inoquous - now cooled, therefore harmless, formerly molten rock

precident - New Greek toothpaste

shoudl - unclear - possibly a middle eastern funerary garment

bankrupcy - bank requiring support, as in "bank and truss"

unilateraly - one non-forward pass

admitt - essential element of admittance

internation terrorism  -  terrorism between nations

embrass - to coat with brass similar to bronzing

AWAL - to be "All Wet And Lathered"

Infamous Quotes (self explanatory)

"I'm confussed"

"I'm not against World Government ...  I'm for it!"

"What a great country this would be if we were discovered by the French instead of the Puritans!"

" . . . and you would rather have Bush in office and his policies (based on lies) with no disregard for American lives."

"You have provide NO evidence or ANY logical reason to now legalize gay marriage..."

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