Does JK exist?

(Terry) "Are you saying JK is a revisionist?"

(Rob) "It seems like a kind way of putting it, without being mean spirited about it. Of course revision means you have some contact with the original article, so to speak. I'm not sure he is revising anything, but instead is making it up as he goes.

The list includes, but is not limited to:"

  1. homosexuality (which contradicts evolution)
  2. evolution (which contradicts global warming)
  3. global warming (which contradicts Bush's time machine)
  4. Bush's time machine (which contradicts facts)
  5. Facts (which confound jk)
  6. jk (who stated he could be God)
  7. God (who jk says does not exist)

Therefore, jk does not exist
 - so who are we debating with?

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