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David Duchovny (Fox Mulder)
Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully)
Mitch Pileggi (Walter Skinner)
Robert Patrick (John Doggett)
Annabeth Gish (Monica Reyes)

Premiered: September 10, 1993, on FOX

Premise: The truth is out there and FBI agents seek it in this sci-fi phenomenon about their quest to explain the seemingly unexplainable. Their strange cases include UFO sightings, alien encounters and abductions, and just about everything else among the paranormal.

•The X-Files was named by TV Guide as one of the greatest shows of all time.
•The episodes Small Potatoes and Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose were named by TV Guide as two of the greatest episodes in TV history.

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September 10, 1993: Pilot Episode: Debut: An FBI agent (David Duchovny) is teamed with a partner (Gillian Anderson) to investigate cases involving paranormal phenomena. First up: young adults are being murdered after seeing a mysterious light.

September 17, 1993: Deep Throat: Scully and Mulder investigate a military base that could be using alien technology; Mulder makes contact with a Washington insider with important information — and a warning.

September 24, 1993: Squeeze: Scully helps an agent pursue a killer, Eugene Tooms (Doug Hutchison), who Mulder theorizes might have been murdering victims for 100 years.

October 1, 1993: Conduit: When a teen vanishes and her brother begins doodling mysterious figures, Mulder is sure that the girl was abducted by aliens.

October 8, 1993: The Jersey Devil: An incident of cannibalism seems to be the doings of a fabled beast called the "Jersey Devil." Meanwhile, Scully goes on a date.

October 22, 1993: Shadows: The ghost of a presumed suicide is trying to incriminate the person responsible for his death and also protect a woman (Lisa Waltz) from danger.

October 29, 1993: Ghost in the Machine: Mulder assists with a case involving a computer that has started killing the occupants of an office building.

November 5, 1993: Ice: Scully and Mulder travel to the Arctic to investigate the deaths of scientists whose mission was to drill for core samples from prehistoric times.

November 12, 1993: Space: Scully and Mulder launch an investigation into a series of sabotage attempts against NASA's space-shuttle program.

November 19, 1993: Fallen Angel: Mulder's probe of a UFO crash site could lead to his expulsion from the FBI and the closing of the X-Files Division.

December 10, 1993: Eve: The probe of two deaths leads Mulder and Scully to their source: a genetic experiment gone wrong.

December 17, 1993: Fire: Mulder's old flame enlists his aid in tracking an arsonist who's able to set fire to things by touching them.

January 7, 1994: Beyond the Sea: A death-row inmate claims his psychic powers can help Scully and Mulder rescue two kidnapped teens.

January 21, 1994: Genderbender: A person who can switch gender is committing murders that have ties to a religious community known as the Kindred.

February 4, 1994: Lazarus: An FBI agent begins to take on characteristics of the man he killed while trying to stop a bank robbery.

February 11, 1994: Young at Heart: A criminal that Mulder helped put in jail is still haunting him even though he is believed to be dead. But a prison physician who performs illegal experiments reveals that Mulder's nemesis is alive and looking quite well.

February 18, 1994: EBE: A truck driver's encounter with a UFO leads the agents to discover that they're under surveillance themselves.

March 18, 1994: Miracle Man: The agents investigate a murder that has as its prime suspect a faith healer (Scott Bairstow).

April 1, 1994: Shapes: Near a Native American reservation, agents look into the shooting of a man who could seemingly change into an animal.

April 15, 1994: Darkness Falls: The agents investigate the fate of a group of loggers who've fallen victim to a swarm of deadly insects.

April 22, 1994: Tooms: Mutant cannibal Eugene Tooms (Doug Hutchison) is released from the mental institution. His odd genetic makeup requires him to feast on human livers before his 30-year hibernation.

April 29, 1994: Born Again: The soul of a murdered cop now resides in the body of a girl (Andrea Libman) and seeks revenge.

May 6, 1994: Roland: A mentally-challenged janitor seems to be responsible for the deaths of a group of jet-engine scientists. The agents begin to suspect that he is really being controlled by his deceased twin brother.

May 13, 1994: The Erlenmeyer Flask: The agents learn of a Government experiment in which humans are being injected with alien DNA.



September 16, 1994: Little Green Men: Mulder leaves his new job to investigate alien contact in Puerto Rico; and Scully tries to pick up his trail after being questioned by the FBI about his disappearance.

September 23, 1994: The Host: Two deaths are attributed to a human-sized parasite (Darin Morgan), and the case leads officials to rethink the closing of the X-Files.

September 30, 1994: Blood: A small town is rocked by a series of killing sprees by residents with no history of violence. The agents investigate a mysterious chemical that is being spread in the air.

October 7, 1994: Sleepless: A new partner, Krycek (Nicholas Lea), joins Mulder to investigate two deaths in which autopsies contradict external evidence.

October 14, 1994: Duane Barry: Mulder is called to a hostage situation where the gunman (Steve Railsback) claims to be an alien abductee. Part 1 of two.

October 21, 1994: Ascension: Conclusion. A traffic violation puts Mulder on Barry's trail, but Krycek is ordered to delay Mulder.

November 4, 1994: 3: Mulder believes his captured murder suspect (Frank Military) is deluding himself about being a vampire — until sunlight hits the man.

November 11, 1994: One Breath: Scully turns up in a hospital — on a life-support system — but no one knows how she got there.

November 18, 1994: Firewalker: A dead scientist and a life form are discovered on the floor of an active volcano. Mulder and Scully investigate the devastating effects of this strange parasitic spore.

December 9, 1994: Red Museum: A cult leader (Mark Rolston) is suspected in the abductions of two teens, which match two other cases involving victims found with the same message written on their bodies.

December 16, 1994: Excelsius Dei: A nurse (Teryl Rothery) claims to have been raped by an invisible entity, whom she identifies as an Alzheimer's patient (David Fresco).

January 6, 1995: Aubrey: When a police detective finds the remains of an FBI agent who disappeared in 1942, past and present serial murders are linked.

January 13, 1995: Irresistible: Scully and Mulder investigate a necrophile (Nick Chinlund) who has taken to murder in order to procure his victims.

January 27, 1995: Die Hand, Die Verletzt: Rumors of an occult in a small town are bolstered when a corpse is found displayed in a ceremonial manner near an altar.

February 3, 1995: Fresh Bones: An apparent suicide may involve voodoo and a mental battle between the man (Daniel Benzali) in charge of a holding facility and the leader of its inhabitants.

February 10, 1995: Colony: A CIA agent (Tom Butler) claims that Russian-made clones are being killed. But his story is contradicted by an unimpeachable source. Part 1 of two.

February 17, 1995: End Game: Conclusion. Samantha (Megan Leitch) discloses the pilot's mission, and Skinner helps try to save Scully when the pilot demands her in exchange for Samantha.

February 24, 1995: Fearful Symmetry: After an elephant goes on a rampage killing a construction worker, witnesses say they saw the force but not the source.

March 10, 1995: Dod Kalm: The lone survivor of a missing Navy destroyer has rapidly aged, as has his ship, which the agents find in the Norwegian Sea.

March 31, 1995: Humbug: When a retired escape artist is murdered an entire travelling side show is suspected for his death and similar attacks that have occured cross country.

April 14, 1995: The Calusari: Mulder suspects poltergeist activity in the death of a child, whose grandmother (Lilyan Chauvin) is practicing Old World mysticism to protect her other grandson.

April 28, 1995: F. Emasculata: Scully and Mulder assist in a manhunt for two escaped murderers, who may be infected with a deadly virus.

May 5, 1995: Soft Light: Three missing-persons cases have a common link: scorch marks left behind where the people were last seen.

May 12, 1995: Our Town: The disappearance of a poultry inspector is linked to the bizarre behavior exhibited by two workers, symptomatic of a rare neurological disorder.

May 19, 1995: Anasazi, Part 1: Mulder receives encrypted files citing Government knowledge of extraterrestrials, and learns that his father may have been involved in a related project.



September 22, 1995: The Blessing Way, Part 2: Mulder undergoes a Native American ritual and hovers between life and death; Scully is suspended for misconduct and warned she'll be killed.

September 29, 1995: Paper Clip, Conclusion: The agents confront a Nazi war criminal linked to Mulder's father, and, on the site of a project where the two men worked, Scully and Mulder are ambushed.

October 6, 1995: DPO: Lightning appears to have caused five deaths in a small town, but the agents become suspicious of a sixth victim — who survives.

October 13, 1995: Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose: An insurance salesman (Peter Boyle) with psychic abilities helps investigate a series of mutilation killings.

October 20, 1995: The List: Two death-row guards die mysteriously after the execution of a man who vowed to return and kill five men. And another inmate claims to know who else is marked to die.

November 3, 1995: 2Shy: A serial killer (Timothy Carhart) targets lonely women he meets on-line by luring him them in with lines from Italian poems.

November 10, 1995: The Walk: An Army officer who has repeatedly tried to kill himself claims that an apparition prevented him from succeeding.

November 17, 1995: Oubliette: An eerie phenomenon known as psychic transference links a 15-year-old kidnapped girl with a former abduction victim.

November 24, 1995: Nisei: The vendor of an alien-autopsy video is murdered, and the investigation leads Mulder to a UFO and Scully to women who recognize her from the abduction. Part 1 of two.

December 1, 1995: 731: Conclusion. Scully investigates the chip that was implanted in her neck and the government connection. Meanwhile Mulder is on an explosive train ride.

December 15, 1995: Revelations: A boy (Kevin Zegers) exhibits stigmata, marks resembling the wounds of the crucified Christ, and his father claims the youngster needs protection from "the forces of darkness."

January 5, 1996: War of the Coprophages: Corpses are found covered with cockroaches. But Mulder suspects the insects may be neither living nor earthly organisms.

January 26, 1996: Syzygy: Locals blame a satanic cult for the deaths of high-school boys, but a seer suggests another possibility: a rare planetary alignment.

February 2, 1996: Grotesque: A copycat murder following a serial killer's arrest has the investigating agent thinking accomplice, as does Mulder — but only after hearing the suspect's claim of demonic possession.

February 9, 1996: Piper Maru: After finding a WWII plane in the Pacific, members of a salvage crew suffer mysterious radiation burns. But not the diver — who did not reboard the salvage ship alone. Part 1 of two.

February 16, 1996: Apocrypha: Conclusion. An ambush separates Mulder and Krycek, who makes a deal with the Cigarette-Smoking Man (William B. Davis); Scully learns that her sister's shooter and Skinner's are one and the same.

February 23, 1996: Pusher: A murder suspect leaves a cryptic clue after escaping authorities by using a form of mind control.

March 8, 1996: Teso Dos Bichos: Those connected to an archeological dig disappear after disturbing an artifact and an ancient curse is invoked.

March 29, 1996: Hell Money: Chinese beliefs pertaining to ghosts figure when the agents investigate the murders of three recent Chinese immigrants — all of them cremated alive.

April 12, 1996: Jose Chung's From Outer Space: A girl can only recall being abducted by aliens when she's hypnotized, while her boyfriend clearly remembers an alien who spoke English — and smoked a cigarette.

April 26, 1996: Avatar: After a liaison with a woman, Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) awakens to find her slain, and has no idea what happened. But his agents suspect a link with his sleep disorder, which involves a recurring dream about an old woman.

May 3, 1996: Quagmire: In Georgia, folk tales blame a giant aquatic serpent for the disappearance of two people, one of whom is found — but only his lower half.

May 10, 1996: Wetwired: The Lone Gunmen (Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund) help find a connection between bizarre murders and that bugaboo of violence — television. And the technological conspiracy has an impact on Scully.

May 17, 1996: Talitha Cumi: Mulder becomes desperate to find a man who's had a great effect on the outcome of a hostage situation at a restaurant. Part 1 of two.



October 4, 1996: Herrenvolk: Conclusion. Mulder struggles to get Jeremiah Smith (Roy Thinnes) to his mother's bedside to save her life. But the bounty hunter pursuing them doesn't give up easily.

October 11, 1996: Home: Welcome to "Home," Pa., where the case of a baby buried alive introduces the agents to a sheriff named Andy Taylor, his deputy Barney and a reclusive trio of brothers named Peacock in one of the series' most gruesome episodes. Starting as a murder mystery, this real creep show goes on to more horrific death scenes, including one diabolically played out to the accompaniment of Johnny Mathis singing "Wonderful, Wonderful." While Scully suspects the baby came from a hostage held by the Peacock clan, the truth is much more shocking. Personal insights from Mulder and Scully have helped Home become a fan favorite since its initial airing on Oct. 11, 1996.

October 18, 1996: Teliko: One of four missing black men is found dead — and his body has been drained of pigment, similar to an incident three months earlier that was never investigated.

October 25, 1996: Unruhe: passport photo is the sole clue to a woman's disappearance. But the shot's not the one the shutterbug snapped: the woman's pose develops into a display of demons.

November 3, 1996: The Field Where I Died: Mulder finds a cult leader's hiding place, but can't explain why. Then one of the leader's wives claims she and Mulder were on the property in a past life.

November 17, 1996: Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man: The story of the Cigarette Smoking Man, including encounters with Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray, and how CSM's actions have altered history.

November 24, 1996: Tungusuka: On a tip from Krychek the agents intercept a diplomatic pouch containing...a rock, apparently not of this Earth — and lethal. Part 1 of two.

December 1, 1996: Terma: Conclusion. Mulder and Krychek leave the gulag; Scully resists a Senate subcommittee's questioning; a KGB assassin appears at the home of the CSM's superior (John Neville).

December 15, 1996: Paper Hearts: Clues he sees in a dream lead Mulder to a serial killer, who suggests he may have been involved in the disappearance of Mulder's sister.

January 12, 1997: El Mundo Gira: Migrant workers believe one of their own is a mythological creature responsible for a woman's death, and Scully learns the man's carrying a fatal fungus. But from where?

January 26, 1997: Leonard Betts: After a decapitated body disappears from a morgue, evidence points to an impossible conclusion — that it left under its own power. And indeed, the victim's partner finds him intact — and alive.

February 2, 1997: Never Again: Scully accepts a date, unaware the man has committed a murder, motivated by a voice (Jodie Foster) in his head that he believes comes from his tattoo.

February 9, 1997: Memento Mori: Scully learns she has brain cancer, the same type as found in the women who claimed to recognize her from their alleged alien abduction — and only one of that group remains alive.

February 16, 1997: Kaddish: One of three teens who beat and killed a Jewish store owner is subsequently found dead — with the store owner's fingerprints on his body.

February 23, 1997: Unrequited: A Green Beret declared killed in action in Vietnam becomes the suspect when a lieutenant general is murdered by an assassin who seems to disappear at will.

March 16, 1997: Tempus Fugit: Mulder suspects an in-flight alien abduction after a commercial plane goes down with no explanation. Part 1 of two.

March 23, 1997: Max: Conclusion. The military blames the crash on Frish. Meanwhile, Mulder gets a look at the contents of Max's mysterious and coveted backpack.

April 13, 1997: Synchrony: A chemical that induces rapid freezing is at the center of three deaths, one of which is predicted by a man suspected in the other two.

April 20, 1997: Small Potatoes: Babies born with tails are traced to one man, who escapes from a sheriff's deputy — after becoming the lawman's double.

April 27, 1997: Zero Sum: Skinner hinders Mulder's investigation into an unexplained death — on orders from the CSM. Meanwhile, a mysterious swarm of bees continues to cause deaths.

May 4, 1997: Elegy: A cryptic message and a 911 call traced to a mental facility are clues in a series of murders of blonde women, two of whom are seen alive at the times they were supposedly being murdered.

May 11, 1997: Demons: Visions of his family's past plague Mulder when he's suspected in a double murder, after waking up in a motel room with blood on his hands — and no memory of why.

May 18, 1997: Gethsemane, Part 1: A discovery is made that could give Mulder proof about extraterrestrial life. But it challenges Mulder and Scully's fundamental beliefs about each other — and alien life.



November 2, 1997: Redux: Part 2 of three. Scully's lie about Mulder's suicide buys time for her partner, who finds more bodies similar to the one in the cave. He also finds a possible cure for Scully, who links her DNA to a life form discovered inside the ice-core samples.

November 9, 1997: Redux II, Conclusion: Scully offers to take the rap for the body in Mulder's apartment; the CSM makes friendly overtures to Mulder, and disputes Kritschgau, whose words to the FBI panel yield a clue to the traitor within.

November 16, 1997: Unusual Suspects: In 1989 Baltimore, the men who will become the Lone Gunmen assist a woman claiming her ex, Mulder, kidnapped their daughter.

November 23, 1997: Detour: The disappearances of three men in a forest are attributed to a predator of undetermined species, but with a determined strategy — and glowing red eyes.

November 30, 1997: Post-Modern Prometheus: Scully suspects a hoax as the agents probe a woman's claim that she was impregnated by a creature with two mouths.

December 7, 1997: Christmas Carol, Part 1: A phone voice resembling that of her late sister, Melissa, draws Scully to the scene of a suicide, where the victim's daughter looks exactly like Melissa at the same age.

December 14, 1997: Emily: Conclusion. Another mysterious phone call brings Scully to an ailing Emily. But the doctor who's treating her anemia refuses to share her medical records.

January 4, 1998: Kitsunegari: Robert Modell (a serial killer who manipulates people's minds) escapes from custody, and the trail he purposely leaves indicates he wants to challenge Mulder.

January 11, 1998: Schizogeny: A teen who's seeing a therapist for his anger is suspected in the death of his stepfather, who's found buried in mud — in a standing position.

February 8, 1998: Chinga: In Maine, Scully happens upon a market full of people trying to claw their eyes out — except for a woman some believe is a witch. Written by Stephen King and Chris Carter.

February 15, 1998: Kill Switch: An artificial intelligence that's loose on the Internet uses deadly force to defend itself. Co-written by William Gibson and Tom Maddox.

February 22, 1998: Bad Blood: The agents have different versions of their probe of deaths in which the victims' blood was drained from the body. But both end with Mulder killing a teen by driving a stake through his heart.

March 1, 1998: Patient X: Mulder meets a woman claiming multiple alien abductions. But her son wants Mulder to ignore her, fearing damage to his own FBI career. Part 1 of two.

March 8, 1998: The Red and the Black: Conclusion. Reputed abductee Cassandra Spender is not found at the site of the incident, and her son blames Mulder, whose theory of the event is found implausible by Skinner.

March 29, 1998: Travelers: In 1990, a former agent (Darren McGavin) tells Mulder about a 1952 case involving Mulder's father (Dean Aylesworth) — and dead bodies with no internal organs.

April 19, 1998: Mind's Eye: The precision of a fatal stabbing makes for an "improbable" case when it's discovered that the suspect found cleaning up the scene is blind.

April 26, 1998: All Souls: Scully's priest asks her to speak to the parents of an immobile girl who apparently was killed by a lightning strike to her eyes after somehow walking outside.

May 3, 1998: The Pine-Bluff Variant: Mulder appears at blame when a militia leader escapes a task force, leaving behind an arms dealer dead from a biotoxin.

May 10, 1998: Folie a Deux: A phrase used in a tape-recorded threat to a company rings a bell with Mulder, as he probes the sender's claim that a monster is stalking the employees.

May 17, 1998: The End: A Russian chess champ is murdered, and an order from "outside the Bureau" gives the case to Spender, who specifies that Mulder be excluded from his team.



November 8, 1998: The Beginning (Pt 2 of 2): Skinner tips Mulder to an incident that could provide proof of extraterrestrial life, but the agents are working unauthorized, and the Cigarette Smoking Man is also on the trail.

November 15, 1998: Drive: Mulder becomes a hostage for a carjacker whose wife died when "she just sort of popped... It's almost like a little bomb went off in her ear."

November 22, 1998: Triangle: In the Bermuda Triangle, Mulder is rescued by a long-lost luxury liner, on which it's 1939. Familiar faces abound as passengers and crew suspect he's with the Nazis who've just boarded the vessel.

November 29, 1998: Dreamland: On a highway near legendary Area 51, the agents have an encounter that leaves Mulder a changed man — in the body of an authorized Area official.

December 6, 1998: Dreamland II: While Mulder sits in an Area 51 brig, Scully is suspended from the Bureau. But Morris offers to cook for her at Mulder's apartment, where a phone call provides a break.

December 13, 1998: How the Ghosts Stole Christmas: Lily Tomlin and Edward Asner play ghostly residents of a haunted house, investigated by the agents on Christmas Eve.

January 3, 1999: Terms of Endearment: An expectant mother dreams that a demonic figure takes her child. She then awakens covered in blood — and is no longer pregnant.

January 10, 1999: The Rain King: In a small Kansas town — "ground zero for extreme weather" — a local is suspected of causing a drought to charge people for the rain he creates. .

January 17, 1999: SR 819: Felled during a boxing workout, Skinner is taken to a hospital, where he checks out OK — except for a phone call stating he has 24 hours to live.

January 24, 1999: Tithonus: Scully is partnered with another agent to look into a crime-scene photographer whose consistent scoops raise suspicion that he is murdering to manufacture work.

February 7, 1999: Two Fathers: At the site of multiple deaths by fire, Spender finds his long-missing mother, who wants to talk — but only to Mulder. Part 1 of two.

February 14, 1999: One Son: Conclusion. Scully and Mulder are taken to a quarantine facility because of exposure to "a contagion of unknown origin" — allegedly contracted via Cassandra Spender (Veronica Cartwright). The CSM sheds more light on Bill Mulder (Peter Donat) and the abduction of Mulder's sister.

February 21, 1999: Agua Mala: In a Florida hurricane, the agents investigate the disappearance of a marine biologist, allegedly grabbed by tentacles while in his bathroom, says X-files founder Arthur Dales (Darren McGavin).

February 28, 1999: Monday: It's "one of those days" for Mulder: a water-bed leak shorts out his alarm clock and makes him late for a meeting. Then he walks into a bank robbery — and relives the scene over and over.

March 7, 1999: Arcadia: Scully and Mulder go undercover as marrieds (Rob and Laura Petrie, no less) to investigate the disappearances of three couples from a seemingly idyllic neighborhood.

March 28, 1999: Alpha: Instead of a rare wild dog from Hong Kong, two dead merchant marines are found inside a shipping cage — which is still still locked.

April 11, 1999: Trevor: As a tornado approaches, a prison superintendent orders an inmate into "the box." After the twister passes, both the box and prisoner disappear, while the superintendent is found severed in two inside his locked office.

April 18, 1999: Milagro: Mulder's new neighbor is attracted to Scully, who is at a loss to explain murders by bloodless, seamless extractions of victims' hearts.

April 25, 1999: The Unnatural: Digging for an X-file, Mulder finds one, in a photograph of an odd trio: a Negro baseball great; former agent Arthur Dales; and...the alien bounty hunter — taken in 1947 Roswell, N.M.

May 2, 1999: Three of a Kind: In Las Vegas, Byers spots the scientist who brought Mulder and the Lone Gunmen together — and who was kidnapped in front of them — 10 years earlier. Scully is conned into helping investigate.

May 9, 1999: Field Trip: In an area known for an "atmospheric phenomenon," two skeletons are found — of a couple missing only three days.

May 16, 1999: Biogenesis: The agents probe the disappearance of two biologists who claimed to have artifacts proving that life originated on Mars.



November 7, 1999: The Sixth Extinction: In the first of a two-part episode, two people join Scully's Ivory Coast investigation into why Mulder is locked in a padded cell, where he exhibits heretofore unseen brain activity.

November 14, 1999: The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati: Conclusion. Mulder is taken from the hospital to "a kind of witness-protection program," and Skinner tells Scully he must distance himself from the case.

November 21, 1999: Hungry: A fast-food restaurant is linked to the discovery of a submerged car with a body in the trunk, but no brain in the body.

November 28, 1999: Millennium: The graves of four FBI agents who committed suicide are desecrated and a symbol is left that has Mulder suspecting that someone is summoning the dead for a catastrophic turn-of-the-millennium event.

December 5, 1999: Rush: A teen accused of murder keeps mum about two mysterious friends who literally vanish from the scene after foretelling a death.

December 12, 1999: The Goldberg Variation: An artificial eye is the sole clue to the identity of a man who walks away from a 30-story fall after being pushed by mobsters, one of whom dies strangely after a second encounter.

January 9, 2000: Orison: A necrophiliac who once abducted Scully vanishes from a prison, but is found by the prison chaplain, who appears to assist in another escape as cops close in.

January 16, 2000: Amazing Maleeni: Scully's autopsy contradicts her suspicion of murder in the case of a small-time magician who amazed his audience by doing a 360 with his head.

January 23, 2000: Signs and Wonders: The only physical evidence at the scene of a man found dead inside his locked car are some 200 snake bites on his body.

February 6, 2000: Sein Und Zeit: Mulder appears to have his own agenda as he disputes preliminary evidence — and other agents' opinions — in the kidnapping of a 5-year-old girl. Part 1 of two.

February 13, 2000: Closure: Conclusion. A psychic's mention of spiritual intervention wins Mulder's trust as he joins the search for Amber Lynn, who, he says, is connected to Mulder's sister Samantha.

February 20, 2000: X-Cops: After their patrol car is overturned, a Cops camera crew latches on to Scully and Mulder, who say they're on the same case — investigating a reported "monster."

February 27, 2000: First Person Shooter: The Lone Gunmen summon the agents after a seemingly impossible murder occurs inside a virtual-reality game in which they have a financial stake.

March 12, 2000: Theef: A bloody message, possibly misspelled, and dirt in the victim's bed are found at the hanging death of a prominent surgeon, whose autopsy reveals more bizarreness.

March 19, 2000: En Ami: A boy claims angels from the sky cured his well-publicized cancer, a "demonstration" says the CSM, who offers Scully "the cure for millions" — but Mulder can't know.

April 2, 2000: Chimera: A broken mirror and a child's claims about a raven are Mulder's clues in the disappearance of a seemingly perfect Vermont wife. Elsewhere, Scully endures a tedious stakeout.

April 9, 2000: all things: Scully finds herself on a spiritual journey after some seemingly chance encounters: she meets a hospitalized former teacher and a crop-circle researcher (Colleen Flynn) who's England-bound in search of a computer-predicted event.

April 16, 2000: Brand X: A tobacco researcher who's supposed to testify against his former employer dies in a bizarre fashion while under Skinner's protection.

April 30, 2000: Hollywood A.D.: Tea Leoni and Garry Shandling have cameos as Skinner lets a screenwriter friend (Wayne Federman) observe Mulder investigating the death of a '60s counterculture icon from a pipe bomb in a church crypt.

May 7, 2000: Fight Club: Kathy Griffin plays twins who have a devastating effect on their environs when they're in the other's vicinity. And a wrestler (Randall "Tex" Cobb) is romancing them both.

May 14, 2000: Je Souhaite: Will Sasso (Mad TV) guest stars in an amusing and inspiring look at the age-old fantasy of having three wishes.

May 21, 2000: Requiem: The agents are taken back to the site of their first case together (alien abductions in Oregon). Meanwhile, the ailing CSM summons Alex Krycek and Marita Covarrubias.



November 5, 2000: Within: In the two-part, eighth-season opener, Robert Patrick joins the cast as Special Agent John Doggett, heading the task force to find Mulder, who appears to be leaving some clues. >

November 12, 2000: Without: Conclusion. Doggett loses Mulder, and Scully loses the title "skeptic" with her theory of why; Skinner plants a seed of doubt in Doggett regarding Kersh and his motives.

November 19, 2000: Patience: Neither man nor beast is the conclusive culprit in a brutal double homicide that forces Doggett to think outside his "old fashioned" lines.

November 26, 2000: Roadrunners: Scully's "simple consultation" on a Utah murder gets complicated when it appears that someone wants to keep her in an isolated town.

December 3, 2000: Invocation: Ten years to the day he disappeared into thin air, a seven-year-old boy returns to his point of departure — surprisingly unaged.

December 10, 2000: Redrum: "Justice" is at the core of an offbeat murder tale in which time goes backwards for Doggett's prosecutor friend (Joe Morton) as he stands accused of murdering his wife (Anne-Marie Johnson).

December 17, 2000: Via Negativa: Two FBI agents and 20 cult members are killed, allegedly by the cult founder (Keith Szarabajka), a convicted murderer who believes the key to a higher plane is a particular hallucinogen.

January 7, 2001: Surekill: The fatal shooting of a realtor while alone in a cinder-block jail cell has Doggett hoping motive will yield more than method, which appears nearly impossible.

January 14, 2001: Salvage: Whatever stopped — and split — a moving car is nowhere to be found (though the driver is), but evidence suggests the obstacle was a man — whose funeral was earlier that day.

January 21, 2001: BADLAA: Scully's findings in the death of an importer in a D.C. hotel room suggest the man was killed from inside his body — which was in India at the time of death.

February 4, 2001: The Gift: A case Mulder investigated but didn't report brings Doggett and Skinner to a Pennsylvania town where they encounter a once-missing woman and a legend about a forest creature.

February 11, 2001: Medusa: Something in a Boston subway has eaten away a transit cop's body tissue, but his chief (Ken Jenkins) disdains Scully's concern about a potential public-health hazard.

February 18, 2001: Per Manum: A man claims doctors killed his oft-abducted wife after taking the alien baby she bore. And Doggett notes some details in his story that recall Scully's own abduction.

February 25, 2001: This Is Not Happening: Doggett enlists the help of another agent (Annabeth Gish) when a UFO aficionado (Judd Trichter) finds a woman who was abducted the night before Mulder was taken.

April 1, 2001: Deadalive: With Mulder found, Kersh offers Doggett an out from the X-files. But the discovery of a body at sea sends the case in a new direction.

April 8, 2001: Three Words: Kersh denies the reinstatement of Mulder, who finds a link between a man shot at the White House and the so-called prophet Absalom (Judson Scott). Also, Mulder meets Doggett.

April 15, 2001: Empedocles: Agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) asks Mulder for help after a disturbing experience at the site of a New Orleans double-murder case that she says involves Doggett.

April 22, 2001: Vienen: Mulder angers Kersh by prompting a probe into the deaths of two oil-rig workers that suggest exposure to the black-oil virus.

May 6, 2001: Alone: With Scully on leave, Doggett has a new partner (Jolie Jenkins) — transferred from accounting — to investigate a murder where evidence suggests the culprit is not human.

May 13, 2001: Essence: Frances Fisher plays a duplicitous nurse in this two-part story, which opens with an arson fire at a genetics lab that Scully has suspected is involved with alien babies.

May 20, 2001: Existence: In the conclusion of the eighth-season finale, Reyes accompanies Scully to a remote site to give birth, with only Doggett privy to their location.



November 11, 2001: Nothing Important Happened Today, Part 1: The ninth-season opener continues to probe the mystery of Scully's baby, William. Integral to the storyline may be guest star Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess), who makes a provocative entrance in the two-part episode as a woman involved in the death of an EPA official. The premiere also introduces Cary Elwes as FBI A.D. Brad Follmer, an old flame of Reyes who advises her to abandon Doggett and his investigation of Deputy Director Kersh (James Pickens Jr.). And Follmer isn't the only one questioning the case, as Doggett learns he's missing not only key evidence but also key allies.

November 18, 2001: Nothing Important Happened Today, Conclusion: Conclusion. Reyes is defiant when questioned by Follmer about her activities with Doggett; Scully meets Shannon McMahon (Lucy Lawless), who offers an explanation of who she is.

December 2, 2001: Daemonicus: Evidence in the murders of a married couple suggests satanic ritual, and two escaped mental patients become suspects; Scully begins teaching forensic pathology at the FBI academy.

December 9, 2001: 4-D: The news that Doggett has been shot is all the more disturbing to Reyes because he's with her when she gets the call — but he vanishes once she's told.

December 16, 2001: Lord of the Flies: A teen's skull collapses after he performs a dumb physical stunt. But the cause is determined to be...flies, which appear to have eaten him — from the inside.

January 6, 2002: Trust No. 1: Reyes and Doggett are contacted by a man who claims he has classified files that can identify the "Super Soldiers." But he'll only talk to Mulder, a risk Scully sees as too great.

January 13, 2002: John Doe: Fragments of his past haunt amnesiac Doggett as he looks for clues to his identity in Mexico, where he's befriended by a local in the alien-smuggling trade.

January 27, 2002: Hell Bound: Reyes can't explain the connection she feels to the case of an ex-con who's skinned alive after describing a similar dream to his anger-management group.

March 3, 2002: Provenance: The spacecraft Scully once investigated in Africa figures into this two-part story, which opens with an apparent fatality during an illegal border crossing into Idaho.

March 10, 2002: Providence, Conclusion: Conclusion. Distrustful of both Skinner and Follmer, Scully circumvents the FBI's investigation into the kidnapping and undertakes her own, assisted by Reyes and the Lone Gunmen.

March 17, 2002: Audrey Pauley: After a car accident, Reyes finds herself in a very gray area, while Doggett desperately denies doctors' diagnoses about his partner, who witnesses a strange disappearance.

March 31, 2002: Underneath: Doggett is determined to find an error in the DNA evidence that freed a convicted murderer whom he nearly caught in the act when he was a cop 13 years earlier.

April 7, 2002: Improbable: Burt Reynolds plays an enigmatic man acquainted with a serial killer Reyes suspects is driven by numerology.

April 14, 2002: Scary Monsters: An FBI accountant talks Doggett and Reyes into investigating a boy's claim that monsters killed his mother, who was officially determined to have stabbed herself repeatedly.

April 21, 2002: Jump the Shark: The agents ask the Lone Gunmen to help find their friendly foe Yves Adele Harlow after former Area 51worker Morris Fletcher (Michael McKean) claims she's a "super soldier."

April 28, 2002: William: Doggett catches someone in the X-files office trying to steal documents pertaining to Mulder's sister. The intruder is a severely scarred man who blames his disfigurement on Government conspirators. He says the source of that information — and, in fact, the one who helped him gain entry — is Mulder. Although he refuses to divulge the missing agent's whereabouts, the mystery man has enough knowledge of the X-files and its history to lead Doggett to suspect that he just might be Mulder himself.

May 5, 2002: Release: An FBI cadet's unusual insight into two recent murders prompts Doggett to ask the man to look into his own son's death, which the cadet claims is linked to the current cases.

May 12, 2002: Sunshine Days: Reyes' knowledge of The Brady Bunch proves valuable as the agents investigate the bizarre death of a man who was snooping in a private home he claimed was the set of the show.

May 19, 2002: The Truth: David Duchovny returns to the role of Fox Mulder, who reappears after a yearlong absence and reunites with Scully. Mulder is charged with murder, and Spotnitz says that the resulting military tribunal "creates the framework that allows us to explain what Mulder's been doing for the last nine years." Expect a lot of flashbacks, as well as the reemergence of some infamous characters.



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