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"Clotilde Soupert Cl."

Class: Cl. Polyantha

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Photo Barrie Collins (www.barriecollins.net)
used by permission

Garden Map Location # 19


Color: Blush pink
Blooms: Clusters, fully double and cupped - blooms profusely over a long season
Fragrance: Eceptionally fragrant, unusual for polyantha's
Size (H x W):
Growth Habit:
Cultivation: Fertilize regularly. Balls in wet weather and subject to mildew.
Not Hardy North of: Zone
Origins: US: Dingee & Conard 1902
Notes: Nearly thornless. Clotilde Soupert will be one of the first roses to show signs of chlorosis, poor soil, or lack of fertilizer with light green foliage as the signal.

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