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"R. banksiae lutea"

Class: Species

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Photo Trevor Inkpen
used by permission

Garden Map Location # 7


Color: Soft yellow
Blooms: Large clusters, double, small
Foliage: Abundant, small, narrow, pointed
Fragrance: Lightly fragrant
Size (H x W): 25 feet x 10
Growth Habit: Rambler
Cultivation: Not hardy, needs sun and shelter. Vigorous, climbs if trained. Disease resistant.
Not Hardy North of: Zone 8
Origins: China: John Banks 1824
Parentage: R. banksiae normalis
Notes: Thornless, Good tree climber, early bloomer for 6 weeks in spring.

The Guinness Book of World Records identifies 'The Tombstone', a double white Lady Banks' planted in 1855, as the single largest rose plant in the world. Located near its namesake, Tombstone, Arizona, it covers 8,000 square feet

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