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Secret Government Technology

by Edgar Rothschild Fouche

Copyright 1998, Fouche Media Associates

Box 760094

San Antonio TX 78245

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Presentation By Edgar Rothschild Fouche

International UFO Congress

Laughlin, Nevada 1998

SLIDES: {1/Alien Head until I start then> {2/Presented by slide

GOOD AFTERNOON: 2 August /0030

My mother once told me that I was going to Hell if I didn't change my ways. Judging from the heat outside, I'd say I'm not too far from there.

SLIDES: {3/AF Thunderbird Aircraft, {4/Flags at Randolph AFB

My name is Edgar Rothschild Fouche.

SLIDE 5: MJ-12 Cover

I'm here to speak about Secret Government Technology, reverse engineering of Alien Artifacts, and the Top Secret MJ-12 committee, which I write about in my new book, Alien Rapture - The Chosen, with my co-author Brad Steiger. Brad is the author of 143 published works including the Best Seller Project Bluebook.


Before I'm through, you will know exactly what the Flying Triangle is. The one that has been sighted around the world. It is the world's most exotic and classified aerospace vehicle. It could be stealthily hovering somewhere over Phoenix - Arizona, Gulf Breeze - Florida, the country of Belgium, or your city. I'll show you pictures of Air Force aircraft I've worked, declassified aircraft, and pictures of classified aircraft never before seen in public. I'll also explain how we came upon this technology.

First I'll Share Some Of My Family Background:

I was born to fifth generation French-Americans, and many of my relatives, for generations, have historically been involved with the government, in fields of intelligence, black programs, crypto, and classified development projects.

SLIDE 7: Joseph Fouche

This is true as far back as the French revolution where Joseph Fouché was the Prime Minister under Napoleon. He was the head of the French secret National Police Force and a direct ancestor of mine. Joseph Fouché started and controlled the world's first professionally organized intelligence agency with agents throughout Europe.

SLIDES: {8/CIA Badge, {9/KGB mix, {10/Various Spy Logos

The CIA, the Russian KGB, the English MI-5, the Israeli Mossad, and many other Intelligence Agencies, have used and expanded on his methods of intelligence gathering, networking information, and political survival. Some French historians consider him a scoundrel because he survived many of his leaders, including Napoleon.

SLIDE 11: Sgt. Fouche photo

My Career Background Spans 30 Years, and Since the government isn't about to support my claims, you will see from the positions I've held, and the Programs I worked, that I was in a position to gather the information, I am presenting.:

My first job was as a machinist, making bombs for the USAF at R. G. Le Tourneau Industries in Longview Texas. For the next 25 years, I would be involved with the Department of Defense in one way or another.

After being drafted into the Vietnam conflict, I initially went through a year of electronics, communications, intelligence, and cryptological schools.

During the years 1967-1974, I was stationed or worked at many Tactical Air Command, Air Training Command, and Pacific Air Command Air Forces bases. During the Vietnam conflict, I assigned to special projects at Kadena AFB Okinawa; Udorn AFB Thailand; Ben Hoi AFB Vietnam, and spent anywhere from a day to a month at many other South East Asian military bases.

With my training and experiences with intelligence equipment, special electronics, black programs, and cryptological areas, I received other government opportunities. I filled positions as Major Command Liaison, Headquarters manager, and DoD factory representative for TAC, SAC, ATC, and PACAF following the Vietnam war. Later in my career, as a manager of defense contractors, I dealt with classified "black" programs developing state-of-the-art Electronics, Avionics, and Automatic Test Equipment.

SLIDES: {12/Shop F-16 Radar, {13/Air Craft repair shop, {14/repair of laser unit

I was considered an Air Force expert with classified electronics countermeasures test equipment, cryptological equipment owned by the National Security Agency, and Automatic Test Equipment. I worked with many of the leading military aircraft and electronics manufacturers in the US. I participated as a key member in design, development, production, and Flight-Operational-Test and Evaluation in classified Aircraft development programs, state-of-the-art avionics, including electronic countermeasures, satellite communications, cryptological and support equipment.

During my military career, I was "hand picked" (Development Cadre) for many of the Air Force's newest fighter and bomber development programs. I was cadre for:

SLIDES: {15/F111, {16/F-15, {17/A-10, {18/F-16, {19/B-1, show when named

the F-111 swing-wing fighter-bomber

the F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter

the A-10 Wart-hog close air support fighter and tank killer

the F-16 Falcon fighter

and the B-1 Lancer Bomber.

Other research and development programs I worked as far back as the 70s are still classified Top Secret. I received over 4,000 hours of technical training from the military and government, of which about half was classified training.

SLIDE 20: F-22 Raptor

This is a picture of the new Boeing-Lockheed F-22 Raptor, ATF or Air Dominance Fighter. My involvement with black programs developing stealth aircraft is classified. I am perhaps the only person who has actually worked at the Top Secret Groom Lake Air Base, within Area-51 of the Nellis Range, and written about it.


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