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by Ignatius Graffeo and George Barkouris

  These are the Roswell glyphics that have baffled cryptographers & translators for the past year. The glyphics in this photograph appear to have been transposed from the I-beam frame in Ray Santilli's controversial "Alien Autopsy" film. I obtained this copy from the internet in July of 1995, before the autopsy footage was officially released. On first glance it seems that what we are looking at are 3 rows of very enigmatic inscriptions. Actually, the entire glyphic contains just two words in ancient Greek.

I first became interested in this puzzle in mid-March of this year. I chanced upon a web site called UFO NEWS. Their home page contained a press release announcing that a native American, Robert Morning Sky, had translated the Roswell glyphics. On the web page was a cut-away portion of the above diagram. The message, according to UFO News, was: "FEMALE WARRIORS ARE READY AND PREPARED." I immediately questioned the idea that such a message could come from the wreckage of a crashed saucer in the New Mexico desert and its crew of sterile, little grey aliens. Perhaps they were looking for 'a few good men' to artificially inseminate these "ready and prepared female warriors!"

     Robert Morning Sky did not confirm the above translation, to my knowledge, but another translation of his was recently posted to the conference. I didn't accept either translation on its figurative level. I wondered if anyone else had come up with something more literal. Using the various search engines available on the internet, all I came up with were 3 postings on Alt. Alien Visitors seeking the same answers. I posted the UFO News release to IUFO on March 26th, along with the complete gif file of the Roswell glyphics.

     The very next morning I received a reply from Mr. George Barkouris of Athens, Greece. He seemed very positive that these inscriptions were written in ancient Greek. His interpretation made a great deal of sense. I checked the alphabet characters against a comparative Greek/English alphabet table in a reference book at my local library. I posted a reply to his translation to the IUFO conference.


The I-beam contains just two words. Careful "dissection" of the glyphics revealed that there are actually 2 sets of duplicate characters. One set of each word is upside down and written in mirror image. The literal Greek translation of the first word, which appears in the top (reversed) and middle rows is ELEPHTHERIA. Its English translation is FREEDOM! This new translation was more tangible, matching all the characters in the Greek. A check with the online language center, the Perseus Project, at Tufts University confirmed the meaning of the word.

But there is another word on the I-bar which, at the time of the first translation, was still unknown. As far as we know, no one has come forward and announced or reported anything similar to what we propose as the literal translation of the Roswell glyphics. Our new findings regarding the second word are being made public for the first time in this document.

The second word appears on the bottom line of the glyphics block. It is written in forward and also in reverse order. The Freedom word is written backwards in the top line. There is no translation for this reversed sequence. However, the amazing thing is that the second word can be translated both ways! I deciphered the correct Greek letters to the 4 bottom line characters. They are I-S-H-R. The literal translation, from the Greek word 'ishrigmos,' means "high-frequency sound." The opposite spelling, RHSI, means "saying," "maxim", or "motto!" So we have an interesting association with the first word "Freedom.!" Another remarkable insight is that when the translation high pitched sound is added to the word freedom, we can apply the suggested "audio" element in the meaning further...LIBERATION! INDEPENDENCE!! Quite a resounding revelation!

     What do the words "freedom" "liberation" "independence" have to do with a crashed saucer containing a crew of dead alien beings? We can only speculate as to the real purpose of their mission. Perhaps it was not a survey operation. They might have been fleeing from something. We can reasonably assume that there might be hostile alien civilizations out there, (or below here!) who may keep slaves. A very unsettling thought. A strange coincidence is that there's a movie being released this summer called "Independence Day!!!" Is it possible that the film may be an attempt by the government to put an end to its 49 year cover-up?

     Another tantalizing interpretation could be that it was an intentional crash, ** a "Trojan Horse." Were these aliens delivering a message from the future or initiating contact with us in such a way which would be difficult for our government to cover up? Freedom of information, particularly news about important discoveries or events with historical significance, is in the best interest of any democratic nation, no matter what the scientific or religious implications might mean to the established belief system. Full disclosure pertaining to such discoveries is an inalienable right that has been quietly taken away from us. The real nature of the UFO and the extent of our government's involvement with these alleged beings has been unlawfully withheld or suppressed. Whatever the explanation, it's about time we got the whole truth, especially from those who profess it above all else!

     Our research has presented a reasonable and logical explanation of the characters which appear on the I-beam. Whether the I-beam is a real item or if it turns out to be a fabrication does not diminish the meaning of those symbols one iota. The writing on this artifact has been shown to be derivative of ancient Greek. We see the artifact in its literal form of expression. Robert Morning Sky is able to see the many multi-dimensional aspects of it. Standing Elk is doing a sweat lodge ceremonial translation. ALL of these translations may be valid. Like a prism, they focus the "beam" word and open up the entire spectrum of its meaning. The Roswell glyphics speak in many languages, but its spirit is freedom!

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Update: August 1, 1998

The Roswell Glyphics Deciphered

©1996 by Ignatius Graffeo and George Barkouris

©1996 New Spirit Press

** Sentence revision March 28, 1999.


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